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Tarot Card Readings


Something unique for your next  special event

Merrilee is an experienced Tarot Reader for events & parties, having presented to over a hundred participants at dozens of functions.


Whether your event is a birthday party, bridal shower, or employee appreciation day, having a Tarot Card Reader at your next event will intrigue and excite your guests.

Looking for something to boost team morale or bonding? Want to create a spiritual vibe at your wedding? Hosting a wellness event at your business?


Delight and inspire with 10 minute mini readings for your guests that will offer a lighthearted and insightful experience to remember.



Tarot Readings are a great addition to a variety of events:

- Baby Showers

- Birthday Parties

- Bridal Showers

- Conferences

- Corporate Parties

- Craft Shows

- Employee Appreciate Events

- Farmers Markets

- Holiday Parties

- Street Fairs

- Trade Shows

- Wedding Anniversaries

- Wellness Fairs

- Wine Tastings

- Workshops

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