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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is A Mystic?
    A mystic is someone male or female, that is connected to Source and who receives divine messages through visions and prophecies. They are highly intuitive. Truly the mystics have given us many insights and have set an example for us to be inspired in our faith and beliefs. They also are recognized in various religious and spiritual traditions. Is it possible in remembering and becoming who we are as spiritual warriors and lightworkers, perhaps we too can be called mystics? I personally was called by Spirit to do this intuitive work through the Akashic Records. I believe we each have the innate ability to commune with Source and receive Divine messages as well. So, do we all call ourselves mystics? A new client of mine called me a ‘mystic’. I then asked myself, am I one? What I felt from this question was, yes, I do have a divine connection and receive messages for others. Therefore, I am of the belief we can be called modern day ‘mystics’ who are guided in this time in our history, in supporting the evolutionary transformation of humankind. Perhaps I am redefining what a modern day mystic is? It certainly is not to place myself or others at all on pedestals. We are reminded to be grounded and supportive to others and understand we are continually learning. And by the flow of divine grace through us, I consider this possibility to be true. Several recognized and admired well known female mystics from Christianity are Teresa of Avila, Mary Magdalene, Hildegard Von Bingen and Joan of Arc. As far as male mystics, perhaps the most well known is St Francis of Assisi. Also, considered mystics are Meister Eckhart and Edgar Cayce. I consider in our more modern times, beloved Wayne Dyer, bless his soul, and dear Eckhart Tolle as mystics. Interestingly I consider as well, my good friend and international channeler of Arch Angel Michael, Ronna Herman Vezane. She, I believe to be a modern day mystic of the highest degree, communicating with the divine. And as she has revealed, we are becoming our own self Masters and it is our divine birthright to receive many gifts of communication. May we all experience our own mystical journey! Love, Light & Blessings to us all!
  • What Are the Akashic Records?
    The Akashic Records are more commonly known as The Book of Life. You can think of them as a spiritual library or soul memory imprinted encyclopedia that contain all of your experiences, thoughts and feelings from all your lifetimes, past, present, and future! The Akashic Records are the library of everything that has been, is and shall be and hold keys to assist in your soul's connection, healing and evolution. These records have been imprinted in a universal energetic field and are kept sacred by beings called the Lords of the Records. In your reading session you are given the opportunity to ask questions about your life, and the Lords of the Records will answer these questions through me as an open channel. You may experience a shift in your awareness during or after your session.
  • What Should I Expect From A Healing Session With You?
    The Akashic Records are at the core of my healing sessions. We will use the Records both as a tool for healing and to answer questions you may have in a specific area of your life. Prior to our session, you are welcome to send over a specific question or area of concern you'd like to focus on. This could be around relationsihps, career, health, life purpose, past lives, etc. I will open your Records before our work together, to receive any information from Spirit that will help us during your session. Once we begin, a session is normally a combination of many of the healing modalities I work with. I will share with you any information I received prior to our session and then allow you to lead the conversation from there. As you are share your story, the ‘Akasha’ energies will envelope us in a protective and healing sphere of Divine Pure Light and Love. A session is often a combination of you speaking, me receiving downloads from spirit, angel tarot cards, crystal healing, tuning fork rebalancing, crystal sound bowls healing, shamanic cleansing, aura photography and anything else we might need to assist in your healing. We all have the ability and free will to make choices, therefore, the information from your soul memory blueprint will help you identify both your gifts to be utilized and enhanced in this lifetime and any blocks to your soul’s truth that are preventing you from reaching your highest potential. Spirit will give me guidance as to when our session is complete.
  • What Types of Question Do People Generally Ask During A Reading?
    Here are some examples of common questions or areas of focus that come up in my sessions: - In my intimate relationship are there areas in which to create more harmony? - Will I be in an intimate relationship soon? - I am noticing a pattern that keeps surfacing and I am ready to release it. - Are there ways to create more abundance and balance in my life/career/family relationships? - Would you give me an emotional body scan showing blockages that I can choose to release? - What can I do to move forward in my life? I feel stuck. - I would like to receive guidance about my child/children. - A loved one has passed on and I would like to have contact to answer some questions.
  • Can You Do Readings Remotely?
    Yes! My healing work can be done in person, over the phone or via Zoom. Remote healing is just as effective as in person session - it's part of the magic of this work. You are welcome to take notes or record during the session. Readings average about 60-75 minutes.
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