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A New Birth Is Taking Place

A new birth is taking place, and many are aware of this transformation both consciously and unconsciously. Some call it the ascension into higher dimensions here on this earthly plane.

For some years we have been witnessing and becoming more aware of ourselves. It is an inward journey likened to the dark night of the soul.’

Well, here we are locating and gathering back into our spiritual tribes. Like magnets, we are drawn to new people and places that are like-minded and like-hearted. Is this not amazing?

At the same time that we are individually raising our consciousness, we recognize that it is a collective consciousness of evolution - the Earth herself is realigning at her core of 3D existence into her ascension process.

I look at it as a philosophical timeline, despite how tangible it all feels. It is a paradox of the past, present and future happening all at once. Can it ever be completely understood?

All I know is what I am believing to be true, co-creating with my thoughts and what I am feeling.

I am wondering if you have been feeling this energy as well?

Most recently, as I walk outside in Nature, it feels like a great calmness is radiating throughout my body temple and surrounding me through Nature herself. And what is brought to my awareness, is that my body is preparing for a huge event. An historic event, that I have been given a choice to choose to be calm when it occurs. The shift or change taking place is outside myself but, is a part of me as well.

This event may be the greatest transformation of energies in our lifetime and across lifetimes.

Remaining calm before the storm so to speak, yet, continuing to be calm in the depths of the storm playing itself out in this drama of life, is my choice and your choice as well.

Perhaps the process of old infrastructures collapses, and then a new rebuilding of this planet begins. I believe time is in our favor, only because we have so much Divine support for our planet. So much love and time for healing is given to us here, now and always.

*Compassionate love is abundantly filling our planet and beaming into all of us.

*The darkness cannot live in the light.

*Being the light transforms the duality of light and dark. It is a new paradigm.

*The light and love of God, The Divine, is the truth, our freedom, and is victorious!

*Live in the joy of inner knowing and peace.

*All IS possible to whom believes it to be so.

*We have chosen to be here now!

Much love and light,


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