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Intuitive Spiritual Readings


Let's start your healing journey 

At the core of my healing work are The Akashic Records. In all of my sessions, this important tool will be utilized to serve the highest good.


The Akashic Records contain the experiences, thoughts and feelings from all of your lifetimes - past, present and future - as an energetic imprint that we will access during our work together.


Your session will include a variety of the healing modalities I specialize in. Together we will identify the unique gifts that are yours to utilize in this lifetime, along with any blocks you may have.


Accessing the divine blueprint
of your life through your own
Akashic Records may provide:

- Insights revealing truth, wisdom, healing light and  

  unconditional loving support for you here and now.

- Regeneration and transformative consciousness

  for your immediate spiritual growth.

- An opportunity for releasing and healing past

  traumas and past lifetime events.

- Answers to your life’s questions so you may

  continue moving forward in fulfilling your purpose.


- A sense of lightness, joy and clarity afterwards.

One -  75 minutes session - $150
Three - 75 minutes sessions - $375
One -  30 minutes mini session - $75

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